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Section for scientific-research work of the Specialized Hospital

The section is an integral part of the organized work in the Specialized hospital, created during the year 2001, aiming to promote continued process of improving technology of rehabilitation procedures intended for persons with limb amputations and persons with special needs who request orthoses for increasing their functional level including prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Furthermore, the basic idea was to improve and modernize work in all specialized sections of the Hospital, according to new technological achievements, regulations and protocols which are necessary in work with these persons.

Continuing education of the employees in all the structures of the Specialized hospital, both in the country and abroad, represents one of the basic guiding ideas in the work of this Section, as well as one of the basic postulates that will enable successful developing of the process of rehabilitation of all the amputees and persons in need of orthotic aids.

As a section of the Specialized hospital engaged in education at all professional levels of prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation, this Section organizes seminars, lectures and practical exercises as Educational basis of the Medical Faculty, Belgrade University for medical students, as well as specialized and postgraduate education for medical doctors. The giving of instruction is also organized for nurses, physical therapists, prosthetists and orthotists, medical associates and all other employees who make an integral part of the rehabilitation team necessary for this narrow specialized process of rehabilitation within regular and part-time teaching.

Vocational seminars organized by the Specialized hospital aiming to increase the knowledge level of the healthcare professionals are held under the  direction of this Section.

This Section manages scientific and occupational projects that are being performed within the Specialized Hospital and coordinates work with other institutions so as to adjust the process of rehabilitation with world trends and improve professional work within the institution and out of it. These projects deal with the application of all modern diagnostic, physical and other medical procedures.

This Section also possesses the Library including scientific and professional books on physical medicine and rehabilitation of the persons with limb amputations and persons in need of orthoses for better function.



Full-time education:
Students from Medical faculty University of Belgrade

  • lectures
  • exercises

Postgraduate courses
Full-time specialist postgraduate courses of Medical faculty University of Belgrade in:

  1. Physical medicine and rehabilitation:
    • lectures
    • exercises
  2. Orthopedics with traumatology:
    • exercises

Subspecialist courses
Full-time subspecialist courses of Medical faculty University of Belgrade in:

  1. Children's rehabilitation:
    • exercises and lectures in prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation

Medical nurses

  1. Full-time courses of Accredited school for medical nurses in Belgrade in: Care process in rehabilitation of the amputees and orthotic rehabilitation:
    • exercises

Physical therapists

  1. Full-time courses of Accredited school for therapists in: Rehabilitation of the persons with limb amputations and Rehabilitation of persons who need functional care with application of orthoses:
    • exercises

Prosthetists and Orthotists

  1. Distance-learning courses according to the educational program organized by ISPO, humanitarian organization Human Study, University of Don Bosco and Specialized Hospital: lectures, practical workshops and exams.

Medical associates

  1. Practical education of the Faculty of Defectology University of Belgrade in: Rehabilitation of persons with limb amputations

Seminars on Rehabilitation of the limb amputees and persons who need application of orthoses

Full-time educational seminars for the rehabilitation team members employed in the Specialized Hospital and orthotics and prosthetics users.


Implementation of the hospital information system is funded by the European Union through the EU-IHIS project.


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