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The Specialized hospital for rehabilitation and orthopedic prosthetics provides specialist-consultative and inpatient health care in the field of prosthetic-orthotic rehabilitation and physical medicine, laboratory and other kinds of diagnostics, as well as a pharmaceutical activity through the hospital pharmacy, and fabrication of prosthetic and orthotic devices. Departments are basic, broadest organisational units intended for performing certain jobs, in a quality and efficient manner, which gather functionally related jobs. Departments are further organized into divisions, sections and offices as narrower organisational parts, which represent a complete medical, technical-technological and administrative entity .

Assistant manager for medical affairs is in charge of organising, managing and coordinating departments that perform medical affairs.

Department for specialist-consultative activities

The admittance division provides admittance and examination of patients, as well as execution of administrative work.

The functional diagnostics and therapy division performs diagnostic health care services and therapeutic treatments  (kinesitherapy, physical, electro and occupational therapy).

The dispensary department

The wards A, B, and C of the dispensary of the Specilaized Hospital provide health care, treatments and prosthetic-orthotic rehabilitation, psychological and defectological services, as well as dental services.

The section for scientific-research work performs all activities related to scientific research and development, continuing education for qualified employees, scientific projects and translations of professional literature.

Joint medical affairs

The section of pharmacy, laboratory and radiology is responsible for a number of services including storing and distributing medications needed for inpatients, as well as laboratory, biochemical and MB analyses and findings for both in- and outpatients, as well as radiological services.

Prosthetics and orthotics department

The prosthetics and orthotics department deals with manufacture, application, control and servicing of prosthetic-orthotic devices.

Assistant manager for non-medical affairs is in charge of organizing, managing and coordinating the department for non-medical-affairs.

Department for legal, economic, financial, technical and other similar affairs

The section for legal, personnel, general and informatic affairs deals with legal and personnel affairs, statistics and evidence, occupational health and protection against fire, admission, recording and expediting official documentation, typing work, principal secretary work, phone service, archive work, informatics and programming, as well as secondary administrative work.

The Accounting section performs all activities concerning bookkeping, calculation of earnings, solvency work, payment operations and invoicing, accounting, acquisition work, procedures of storing and issuing raw materials, as well as work that results from economic-financial affairs of the Specialized hospital.

The Dietery section deals with procedures of processing and preparation of foods necessary for preparing daily meals for inpatients, as well as preparing recipes for daily meals (dietician`s job) and  delivering, as well as storing and distributing foods necessary for preparation of daily meals.

The Sanitary section performs all activities related to sanitary protection (disinfection, disinsection and deratisation) in all the rooms of the Specilized hospital, maintaining hygiene in the executive office building and the prosthetics and orthotics department, as weel as laundry work.

The technical affairs section deals with maintaining and servicing machines and utilities and hospital equipment, work related to operating boiler room, as well as driving job / sanitary transport of the patients of the Specialized hospital.


Implementation of the hospital information system is funded by the European Union through the EU-IHIS project.


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